Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot

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Do you have problems separating old chunks of dough and finer debris in your used oil or in bacon fat, which takes a long time to settle down and sometimes you have to leave it? This Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot is your perfect solution. Using a mesh strainer to separate food pieces from the cooking oil, so you can safely reuse the frying oil. Anti-slip bottom tray prevents oil spillage or drop onto the counter top or range top. Keep tidy and clean. It holds up to 1.6 quarts and features a stainless steel fine mesh strainer on top and spout so you pour out only just the right amount of the desired grease for frying. Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and durable material. The holder and the coaster tray are made of fine iron and are safe to use. Conveniently filter and clean your frying oil and preserve it for later frying! Buy it now!