Portable Mini Mist Sprayer

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People usually have either oily or dry skin. The key is to clean and moisturize your skin so you can achieve normal skin. Moisturize your skin & disinfect your valuable stuff anytime, anywhere with the Portable mini mist sprayer! Adopted ultra-high-speed vibration technology, split water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective component penetrate into the skin and deeply hydrating without ruining makeup. 30ml water tank capacity for a consistent water replenishment, more convenient to use. In addition, thanks to its compact size you can carry it in your bag or pocket without problems. This mist sprayer is used for face, body, hair, and other position. Suitable for all kinds of skin.Perfect for keeping your face hydrated and healthy. Enjoy the refreshing mist any time at the office, on flights, outdoor, at the dressing room, and so on. Buy it now!