Light Bulb Security Camera

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Do you want to increase the security of your home yet sophisticated alarm systems are too expensive for you? Get serenity at a low price with our Light Bulb Security Camera. This camera bulb has a design similar to that of a conventional bulb. So, it fits standard light bulb sockets to hide in plain sight. The device has a motion detector and PTZ control. If a person passes or an object moves, the camera will follow these movements. It is rotatable up to 360° and has a viewing angle of 180°. For your part, you will have to monitor what is happening in the room from your smartphone thanks to the WiFi connection. With 1080p high definition and full-color night vision, the camera gives quality images both day and night. Besides, the article has a microphone and a speaker. You can enter into direct communication with your guests or your children. If necessary, the recordings are recorded using the micro SD card to be placed in the bulb. Buy it now!