Electric Air Blower

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Tired of cleaning your computer? Dust inside your house? Small particles everywhere? The Electric air blower is perfect for you! It is a blower that is convertible into a vacuum with 400W high power to clean & remove dusts and leaves. This air blower can interchange from blower to vacuum without any tools and professional devices. The dust bag also offers washable design so it can be reusable & save money. The blower has a built-in copper motor and high-toughness fan blades for good wind pressure and air volume for efficient operation. The large handle with a lockable trigger makes the product safe, convenient. Lightweight & easy to use, it is suitable for dust removal of computer cabinets, automobiles, home appliances, and furniture, and is widely used in homes, Internet cafes, factories, offices, etc. Clean dust, leaves & small particles in an instant! Buy it now!