Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Headset

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Suffer from light/noise preventing you from sleeping? Are you tired of wearing headphones during your bedtime music session, listening to podcasts or during meditation? Then this Sleeping eye mask headphone is the ultimate solution for you. It envelops you in complete darkness with its soft memory foam while its Bluetooth speakers lull you to sleep with your favorite sleep soundtrack. This headphone will not hurt your ears when you sleep on your side or straight. It has a built-in mic and forwards incoming calls so you can pick them up and go back to sleep all without removing your eye mask and interrupting your momentum! The control unit has ability to change music, volume control, receive calls, stop/play music. The mask is made of breathable and comfortable material, it can be adjusted to fit your face perfectly and block even the slightest light entrance. Best gift for family members! Buy it now!