Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip

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This Magnetic Side-Mount Clip can clamp tablet or cell phone to laptop to get multi-display computing experience, extend your screen, increase your productivity and multitasking at home , office or on the way. -Work Efficiently -Flexible Adjustment -Double Screen Interactive -Golden Ratio Perspective -Reduce Cervical Spine Fatigue -Portable & Wide Compatibility Multiple Monitor Display Adsorb the mobile phone next to the laptop or display, enjoying dual screen. Does Not Obstruct The Screen Study, work, movies, games,live broadcasts can all becarried out simultaneously. Flexible Adjustment Of Different Angles You can adjust the comfortable angle according to your needs. Support Charging Reserved charging port, support charging while using. Portable For Travelling The dual monitor mount is small, solid and lightweight shape makes it easy to take away into your bag during traveler, analyst , and others. Easy Use It is very simple to install, carry and use. A protective sponge is attached to the magnetic contact surface to effectively protect your equipment. High Quality Good materials decide everything, make digital life better. Complimentary two ferrite magnets(for sticking the back of the phone). Compatibility Universal compatible with iPhone and Android phones and iPad mini from 4-8 inches.